Learning to Let Go

As a parent, there are many moments when you have to let go of your children’s hands. It might start by passing off your newborn to allow a relative to hold them; to dropping them off at their very first daycare/babysitter; to letting go of their hand while they have fun at the playground; and etc. I’ve experienced that one too many times, but my latest experience was very hard. Noah’s school had a Halloween bash on Friday, October 28th. This was Noah’s first school party. Zoe’s too, since I brought her along. Upon arriving, I had planned on first going to the concession table, and then sitting in a corner watching the kids dance NEXT to me while chomping on our popcorn. But that plan quickly changed once Noah noticed his friends dancing in the middle of the gym’s turned dance floor. I held his hand tighter as he asked me while pointing to his friends, “Mom, can I go over there.” I immediately told him no, fearing that I would lose sight of him in the huge crowd. Finally, after his many requests, I reluctantly let him go as I watched my daughter frown with a look that she wanted to follow along with her brother. Minutes later, I also allowed her to go along with several girls her age, who she recognized from her daycare. Throughout the night, I kept a close eye on them as they had such an awesome night of dancing.  This was a huge lesson for me as my children are becoming a little more independent and developing friendships of their own. By the way, Noah dressed up as Halo from the video game, while Zoë was Queen Elsa.

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