Happy Friday?! 




Happy Friday – Turned into a Conflicted Friday! 

Walk in. Smile. Good Morning. Happy Friday!

First thing on a Friday morning, we fast forward to the conclusion of the work day. Hopeful wishing, even though we have absolutely no clue of where the day will lead us or how it will turn out. That’s exactly what happened to me. This particular Friday, is so far gone from following that ‘Happy Friday’ motto. It could be worse honestly; but, my feelings  are in grief right now! I can’t fault the bearer of bad news, because it was blended with motivation and reinforcement. My past and personality deters me from me being outgoing. I’m very awkward in those type of situations. I doubt myself before giving myself a chance. So, obviously, many people aren’t able to see my creative side. When someone else is praised so much in your face while comparing your initiative, it’s hard to hold back that tear. I’ve been so successful in what I do; so, it sounds really crazy when you’re told it’s not good enough!

Although it’s Friday, and the weekend of fun and relaxing awaits us… continue to be PROACTIVE today! 

Happy Friday!



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