Time Management

Time is very valuable –  but yet, it goes wasted a lot, especially by me!

Hi! My name is Naachaanaa, and I had and still have a time management issue. It has held me back from several things particularly as of late. So, I had to really sit down and ask myself why am I procrastinating soooo much for far too many things: events, work, personal goals, and etc. I had to get myself in the habit of using my time wisely and efficiently. For instance, starting work no later than five minutes after arriving to the office. Previously, I would first get coffee, order breakfast, eat breakfast lol, browse my emails, and browse the web. Then thirty minutes to an hour later, I would only then get a late start on responding to pending email requests and other work tasks.

Here are the three steps I took to help with my time management:

  1. Flag it: It’s okay to read emails first thing in the morning and flag those that require a follow-up. Respond only to the emails that are high in priority first. This goes for text messages and news articles. Flag it, and place a reminder to come back to it.
  2. Daily task list: Write a daily task list for the day and review upcoming deadlines. Time each task and set appointments in your daily calendar. Arrange time slots for lunch and social activities, even social media 🙂 Be proactive and don’t let the day waste away.
  3. Do not disturb: Don’t be afraid to turn on your do not disturb feature, whether it’s your work office message or on your phone. It’s best not to allow others to disturb you while you’re in work mode, unless it’s extremely urgent. Using this feature at work, will show your colleagues that you are busy working and that their requests will have to wait.

Turn these steps into a habit and eliminate any time management flaws you may have. For me, it’s still a work in progress. Of course eating and sleeping right helps too.



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