Opinion: Shea Moisture Controversy 

Am I the only one not mad at Shea Moisture🤷🏾‍♀️??? 

How can Black-owned brands in general go global if they don’t market to other race groups. That goes for anything not just hair products. Other than music, not many whites go directly to Black people for anything business related. So, why cause one of our biggest brands to fall as a result of boycotting and risking their newest consumers business?

We love to claim anyone with one drop of Black blood in them, but don’t want them to represent us alone. There was a mixed curly girl in the video along with two white woman. Also, this wasn’t Shea Moisture’s only commercial of this “Break free from hair hate” series.

My only complaint was why not create a separate line or collection for women with looser curl patterns or other hair textures. This way many races are able to enjoy the hair products line equally, since there’s definitely no one product that fits all hair types.

The worst PR move by Shea Moisture was apologizing. I think they should have instead explained their intent and then educated their customers on their motive and goals of this commercial. The fact that they have other videos for different viewers/audiences, proves they weren’t leaving out their biggest supporters out of the equation at all.

I think we should celebrate inclusivity! This is something we have broken down doors for in the past.







Why cause one of our biggest brands to fall as a result of boycotting and risking their newest consumers business?


13 thoughts on “Opinion: Shea Moisture Controversy 

  1. Love your opinion and I feel the very same way. Maybe you should be a part of there pr team. Every situation doesn’t need a apology a brief explanation would have ben great. Love what your doing NACHO

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  2. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 this is great Nachaaanaaa! I know this is the first of many excellent topics. I wish all the success with your blog!

    I totally agree with you. I didn’t understand the reason for such a high level of outrage towards SheaMoisture. And the apology and pulling of the ad was a bit much. But I guess they did what they felt they needed to quell the masses 🤔🤷🏾‍♀️

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