Summer Binge: Our Favorite Shows are Baaack!!!

Whether stuck at work this Summer, or on vacation relaxing on the beach, or straddling the line between both; in between time, we can’t miss our new favorite shows to catch up on.

  1. Orange is the New Black: Season 5 was recently released on Netflix on June 9th. And I’m embarrassed to say that I literally devoured it all! I told myself that I would go at a good pace of one episode a day, and I just couldn’t. I’m not going to spoil it for you, but if you watched Season 4, you’ll remember that Poussey’s death sparked a riot. So, basically this continues in Season 5. That’s all I’m going to say!!! If you want to hear my opinion on that, please comment and I’ll possibly spill it all out in the next blog.
  2. Queen Sugar: The second season of Queen Sugar on my Auntie Oprah’s OWN channel is set to host a two-day premiere starting on Tuesday, June 20th and June 21st <— my Bday by the way :-). I feel like a lot of people are sleeping on Queen Sugar and I’m happy to promote it for free 99… Yass FREE 99!! Who wouldn’t love the sibling trio: Charley, Nova, and Ralph Angel! Also, gotta love Aunt Vi, who is the epitome of the matriarch that we see in so many black shows and movies. And its just great to watch shows like this that tells such a powerful black story produced by Ava DuVernay. Check it out at 10 pm.
  3. Power: Season 4 is due to premiere on Sunday, June 25th at 9pm. Unfortunately, Starz isn’t going to give us all of its episodes all at once, which is probably a good thing – hence what I did with OITNB. We can all just watch it together like one big happy family! If you watched last season, then you’d recall that James “Ghost” St. Patrick was being arrested for the murder of Greg Knox, the F.B.I. agent, who is in love with Angela, who is in love with James, who is married to Tasha – just one huge love triangle circle. I’m also looking forward to knowing what happens to Tariq, Ghost’s hard-headed son.
  4. Insecure: Issa Rae, my best friend (in my head), is coming back with Season 2 of the HBO show Insecure on July 23rd at 10:30 pm. This show is truly the ishhhh, the bomb baby… the bomb baby (in my Something for the People voice). A little throwback for all the 80’s babies. Season 1 left us with Issa grieving the loss of her relationship with Lawrence, after she cheated on him with her ex, Daniel. She had me hooked from Broken Pussy to the end of her friendship with Molly (not the drug, but her best friend lol). It also left us too soon with only eight episodes which are only like 30 minutes long. Like come on! What I love about this show is that awkward, true to self, and relatable vibe that Issa gives her fans.
  5. The Carmichael Show: I was recently put on to this show, which is definitely good. They are on Season 4 already *insert shocked face* and being on two networks, Netflix and NBC, that means I could super binge watch it. The Carmichael Show is filmed in front of a live studio audience which gives you that old school tv show vibe. The show’s main character is Jerrod Carmichael, a comedian who also has his own stand-up comedy shows on HBO, which are very impressive, especially given his views on many issues. He has a very unapologetic sense of humor, a sarcastic personality, and an unusual delivery of jokes.

Other shows out there that are also very interesting:

  • Shameless: I’m not sure when Season 8 is due to premiere, but most of the seasons can be found on Netflix and/or Showtime.
  • Dear White People: This show is based on the movie of the same name. Season 1 is a must see!
  • The Get Down: Part 2 was released a few months ago, and unfortunately I am hearing that Netflix is cancelling the series.

What shows are you watching or waiting to catch up on this Summer?

I accidentally deleted this post and had to start all over smh! I literally shed a tear in front of my children. After seeing my daughter giggle in my face and hearing my son tell me that “grown-ups don’t cry.” Maybe it wasn’t that serious – my lesson for the day! 




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