Mindfulness increases creativity; however, mind fullness decreases it!

So, it has been about six long months since I’ve posted anything on here. I’ve written a few pieces since then, but never actually completed any of my drafts. Why? My mind has been extremely full! I didn’t understand why I’ve been pushing back on my blog so much, putting it to the back burner until I took a Mindful Performance training program at work.

This program focused on improving your work day, but it could also be used in your personal lifestyle as well. Key factors mentioned were daily meditation, eliminating distractions, looking at things with a beginners mind, and improving your sleep. I haven’t completely gotten all the way there yet, but I would like to share these quick pointers I’ve learned to help free my mind and help me to stay focused.

1. Daily Meditation Practice

Meditate for at least two minutes twice a day. This has so many benefits such as improving concentration, self-awareness, reducing stress, happiness, and so much more!

2. Eliminating Distractions

I find turning off certain notifications including work email helps me to stay focused on the tasks at hand. Use reminders or your calendar to block out time for projects, managing your email or social media.

3. Beginners Mind

Struggle with being creative? Well change the way you look at things and the things you are looking at will change.

4. Sleep Improvement

Practice performing only perceptual activities before bed versus conceptual ones, such as: washing dishes, exercising, reading.

Conceptual activities like using your phone or computer keeps our mind active which puts more stress on the mind and is hard to recover during sleep which leads to insomnia for some, waking up throughout the night, and not feeling completely refreshed upon waking up.



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