Have you ever left the house without an important everyday item? It probably just about ruined your day. This has happened to me over a dozen of times. I say this silly five letter (made up) word right before I leave the house, which helps me to not leave behind at least five important necessities.

You’re probably thinking that this is a stupid idea, but honestly this has become a lifesaver for me. You don’t have to say it out loud, just think of it in your mind and it will help to remind you of your key items BEFORE walking out that door.

So, right when you are about to leave the house, just say PMILK! If you could find a better way to arrange these letters, please do. MILKP just sounds so incomplete to me🤷🏾‍♀️.

P – Phone: Your phone could literally be your ev-very-thang. So, you’d definitely wouldn’t want to leave home without it. Think emails, texts, phone calls, weather, news, banking, electronic train ticket and so much more. Leave this item at home and you could possibly be looking for a phone booth or looking up at the sun’s setting for the time could literally go back to the olden days *insert Twilight zone music* lol. Ok maybe not 😆

M – Money: This could also be substituted for W (wallet), but PWILK sounds a bit boring lol. And money can help you to think wallet, purse, check, or credit/debit card. It would be the very day you left your money at home that you’d come across that *insert item* you’ve been looking at for the longest finally on sale.

I – I.D. (Identification): Hi! My name is Nachana and I am def a true culprit of leaving my license at home only realizing once I’m in front of a club with super strict security screening looking real dumbfounded🤦🏾‍♀️. Most of the time it’s because I had previously taken my I.D. out of my wallet and slipped it into a back jeans pocket and completely forgot. This helps with remembering my work I.D. also.

L – Lippie: You ever leave your lipgloss or chapstick at home and suffer through dry lips for the whole day #torture! Licking them won’t help you… Trust me, I’ve tried!

K – Keys: I’m sure I’m not the only one to lock the door from the inside and closed it only to remember that I don’t actually have my keys on me. Oh yeaaaaa, I left them on the kitchen counter or in my other purse that I switched from at the very last minute. Ugh!!

Well… I really hope this helps you like it helps me. Feel free to improvise and add on to this!

How about an extra L for Lunch tho? Pack a mean yummy lunch for work and leave it right at home… smh!



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