Want to know what kind of parent I am? I’ll tell ya… I am a confused one, with a bunch of imperfections.

My son, Noah, is a little bit harder to parent than my daughter, Zoe. He is very observant, so he’s naturally more curious, full of questions, a know it all, and the list goes on. He challenges me ALL of the time. Not really my authority, but he is so much like me that he is argumentative and rebuts everything that you don’t prove to be true. Meanwhile, Zoe on the other hand, is more reserved, but stubborn; however, she follows my lead. She doesn’t challenge me unless she is very into something. She’s also super shy. So, although she loves being around people, it’s a challenge to get her to express herself freely.

So, my parenting is a little different between the both of them. Noah thinks I’m a little impartial to Zoe, but I’m not. It’s just that they’re personalities are so different. So from that spiel, you can probably tell that Noah gets into more trouble. He told on himself lol. I don’t play favoritism, but I jokingly call Noah my favorite son and Zoe my favorite daughter lol. It’s only right since they are my only haha.

My discipline technique mostly involves counting down from 5. But you wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve felt dumbfound after reaching 1 and they still hadn’t followed my orders smh. So dumbfounded that I’ll start the count down over again. Never more than twice, as the second time is a lot more sterner (and slower), so they know that I’m serious.

Another tactic I use is time out. Well time out works wonders. By now, you can probably tell I’m not a spanker lol. Although, my kids are very aware of what it is and speak proudly about not ever receiving one. Last resort tactic is usually taking away their favorite items. I’ve taken alway the ps4, tv, tablets, and most recently Noah’s Nintendo switch.

Nonetheless, I sometimes call them my little best friends simply because I enjoy them! I love listening to their stories on school, friends, their future, life lol. I hope it continues that way; but I also have to often draw a boundary line between us so they’ll understand they are always to be respectful and honest!

I make sure to express my love for them daily, especially because I didn’t receive that as a child. Kisses, hugs, I love yous and high fives are our thing. I build their confidence by not only giving them aesthetic confirmations, but complimenting their intelligence also. Yes, I’m also the “good job” for everything type of mom!!! I can’t help it. Noah places a bag in the garbage can without me asking. Me: Good job, Noah! 🤦🏾‍♀️

Being a parent is the hardest job I’ve ever had and the rules are always changing. I can’t complain because the reward is priceless!

What kind of parent are you???



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