Summer Binge: Our Favorite Shows are Baaack!!!

Whether stuck at work this Summer, or on vacation relaxing on the beach, or straddling the line between both; in between time, we can’t miss our new favorite shows to catch up on.

Orange is the New Black: Season 5 was…

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Time Management

Time is very valuable –  but yet, it goes wasted a lot, especially by me! Hi! My name is Naachaanaa, and I had and still have a time management issue. It has held me back from several things particularly as of late. So, I had to really sit down and ask myself why am I […]

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Happy Friday?! 

      Happy Friday – Turned into a Conflicted Friday!  Walk in. Smile. Good Morning. Happy Friday! First thing on a Friday morning, we fast forward to the conclusion of the work day. Hopeful wishing, even though we have absolutely no clue of where the day will lead us or how it will turn out. That’s exactly […]

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