Mindfulness increases creativity; however, mind fullness decreases it! So, it has been about six long months since I’ve posted anything on here. I’ve written a few pieces since then, but never actually completed any of my drafts. Why? My mind has been extremely full! I didn’t understand why I’ve been pushing back on my blog […]

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Summer Binge: Our Favorite Shows are Baaack!!!

Whether stuck at work this Summer, or on vacation relaxing on the beach, or straddling the line between both; in between time, we can’t miss our new favorite shows to catch up on.

Orange is the New Black: Season 5 was…

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Raise Your Profile at Work

Be Seen! Be Heard! Be Involved! Be Promoted!  I’ve been working on raising my profile at work for over a year now. Even though I’m quite visible in my career at a global law firm with 30+ offices, it’s easy to become stagnant and hidden while completing everyday tasks. Since joining the firm four-years ago, it […]

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